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The funniest thing I've ever seen was Phil Cool doing an impression of an Aquaphibian. Phil Cool could genuinely contort his face; he was kind of extraordinary as an impressionist because he would actually change his face, without makeup, to look like the people he was doing. And he did this Aquaphibian and he scrunched his face up, and I remember just actually weeping with laughter. I had never seen anything as funny as that. Stephen Merchant

Now .....

Crunch up your face..
That's right, tuck the chin back,
slide the mouth to the left, boggle
that eyebrow and furrow the brow........

Welcome to the Phil Cool Website

Unquestionably the world's only "Stand Up Chameleon" Phil Cool is armed with a controllable rubber face. And he's not afraid to use it!  Phil's body, too, seems to be able to defy the normal anatomical laws. With this unique weaponry, he can be anyone or anything instantaneously from international celebrity to intergalactic alien.  He can be shocking, funny or shockingly funny. Phil's dextrous impressions and surreal comic sketches take us into a world where anything seems possible and the absurd seems credible. Phil is simply incredible and, without doubt, he is one of the most original and unique comic talents to come out of Great Britain.

  • 5 top selling videos
  • 4 TV specials
  • 3 hit series for the BBC
  • 2 acclaimed series for Independent TV
  • 1 dream. . . to play Jim Carrey's dad in a Hollywood blockbuster!

It all adds up to Britain's weirdest comedian

The original Mr. Rubber Face, Phil can metamorphose with ease from the Pope to Sylvester Stallone, Tina Turner to Forrest Gump, Jack Nicholson to Bugs Bunny, David Attenborough to a seahorse. Star Trek, Mr. Bean, even Pulp Fiction, .. Nothing escapes the Cool treatment

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Phil's autobiography is now available for purchase as an ebook via the 'Merchandise' page.

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