Another Side of Phil Cool 


  There is of course another side of Phil Cool ?

..............  a serious side? ................ The Singer / Songwriter

At sixteen Phil was influenced by many of the great songwriters of the 60's and started to write songs himself, which has continued throughout his life.

 He bought a second hand guitar which he always took with him to friends houses.  However,  it is just one of those plain truths that comedy always steals the thunder, and so it was, the funny side took over and, the rest as they say is history. 

Recently Phil has had a yearning to return to his songs and perform them in theatres. 

He has recently had the opportunity to perform them in concert with Ken Nicol a successful singer/songwriter

( see Ken's website:

Working with Ken was a great change for  Phil  from performing his usual comedy show and , not only did he enjoy it but the audiences loved it too.

He will definitely be doing more singing and playing guitar,  as it is such a contrast to his usual stuff.

It was a delight for audiences to observe another side of Phil Cool.

Phil says " A guitar is the key to the door of many a friendship."

Phil's new "key" is a " Fylde Ken Nicol Signature." guitar.


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