'Phil Cool - Stand Up Chameleon'

In his autobiography Phil takes us on a journey from his childhood, through the years of trying to get the big break in the world of showbiz, to his life as the country's top impressionist and onwards through the years of entertaining audiences around the world's theatres and stages. Filled with hilarious anecdotes and observations this is a book that is very much the voice of Phil Cool and as unique in so many ways.

This is not just a fascinating, funny and philosophical memoir but a rumination on the ephemeral nature of comedy itself. We hear how TV shows are made, or aren't made, the temptation to The Other Side by glittering promises that evaporate like leprechaun's gold, how it's not always enough to have talent, and to sweat terrible venues and hostile crowds; a synchronicity of time and place can catalyse the perfect gig or spark a career. There are snapshots of the creative process using reconstructions of routines, bold experiments ahead of their time, tantalising concepts. Tales of tragedy, laugh-out-loud farce and the vampire that is television are told with self-deprecating humour and honesty, a bittersweet story without bitterness. Most of all it's a warm reminder for anyone who has seen Phil Cool in his element that given some time in a darkened room he can make you very happy.
Cathy McBurney

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Phil Cool


Phil Cool

'Classic Cool'

Phil Cool's live show is simply Phil Cool at his best.
Performing to an appreciative audience the Master
of mimicry delivers some of his all time great material
plus a whole host of brand new gags, sketches and
surrealist impressions.

Watch as the one man cast of thousands creates
many familiar faces - but watch out also, for this show
is peopled with visitors from other worlds, men with
elongated arms, even a live birth on stage - and
that's just the tip of the iceberg.

So sit down and chill out with 'Classic Cool'.

This DVD costs £10 plus £2 p&p

Cool Head/Phil Cool

Double DVD

In the early nineties, Phil's success was further established with these brilliantly surreal series for Central Television.

Both Cool Head and Phil Cool showcase his unique talents to the full, with a mix of stand-up comedy, sketches and astonishing rubber-faced metamorphoses; from Rolf Harris to Mick Jagger, Keith Joseph to the Pope, the Prince of Wales to ET, no-one and nothing is off-limits for Phil Cool! On-screen participants include the real Rolf Harris, Dillie Keane (Fascinating Aida), Jon Glover (Spitting Image, Harry Enfield's Television Programme), and Sophie Thompson (EastEnders).

This DVD costs £12 plus £2 p&p

Cool Head DVD


Phil Cool's Gems and Jewels

This brand new CD from the master comedian and impressionist features a ‘jolly mixture’ of 17 songs and spoken word, recorded whilst on tour. Phil’s wonderful impressions of Winston Churchill, Prince Charles, Paul McCartney, Eric Morecambe, Bob Dylan and George Formby (amongst others) and his masterful skill as a satirical song-writer are superbly illustrated in his first (comedy) CD release for ten years.

Track listing :

1. Oil Man (An Ex-President’s Song)
2. Johnny Bum Notes
3. Trivia Songs
4. 'Old' is the new 'Young'
5. I'm so Weary
6. Reigning in my Heart
7. Bonnie Night
8. Winnie's Ghost
9. Wigan Pies
10. Love is a Minefield
11. Riches to Rags
12. The Biscuit Song
13. Ode to my Fyldde Guitar
14. Morecambe sings Clacton
15. I Love Fishin'
16. H2O
17. Duke of Edinburgh


Stories in a Cool Place

A new project for Phil, now that he has stopped touring is reading these wonderful classic children's stories that have been given a refreshing modern twist by esteemed writer Mike Bennett. Aimed at the primary school age market these recordings are becoming just as possible with parents and fans of Phil. Click on a picture download your 'Story in a Cool Place'.

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