So Where's Phil Cool been?

Why have you not seen Phil on television for so long?

Well he's no good at gardening or decorating, he can't cook and doesn't do  D.I.Y., so what chance does he stand ?

Look! dump your T.V in the nearest skip and get out to the theatre to see Phil because he'll be out and about in the U.K doing what he does best. Live shows!

After watching the current Phil Cool show you won't realise that two hours has flown by, because you will have been spellbound by a rich diversity of his original material  delivered in Phil's unique style.

If the deadly accurate impressions of President  Bush and the " retired" Tony  Blair don't get you, then the crazy stories from his own experience will.  It could be one of the weird characters that only inhabit Phil Cool's mind that has you in stitches, or perhaps , Winston Churchill's scathing opinion of todays "yoof"  that may finish you off.

Well, no doubt you'll all have your favourites, Phil's happens to be his Paul McCartney explaining the troubles he's had with a certain blonde woman in :"I don't care too much for money, but that much cash just isn't funny."

Phil has been performing stand up for over thirty years and is still comparable to no-one. 

And where is Phil today ?

The next 18 months are looking to be the most exciting for Phil for a long time. He is currently writing his autobiography 'Phil Cool Died Here (and lived to tell the tale)', has got a new CD coming out, has written a children's poem which is being filmed and shall be published in a beautiful picture book format and there are plans for a documentary.

And of course he continues to be out and about entertaining audiences, performing a two hour  stand up show , which consists of current  impressions, stories, and music in his own unique style that  he was famous for in his  three BBC series and two ITV series.

Phil also now has his own 'facebook' page, so please become a fan!

"Cool it! Out of the shadows lurches one of the cleverest comedians of this or any other generation"  
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